Costa Rica zip-lines also known as Canopy Tours are one of the most popular adventure activities. A zip-line above the canopy, waterfalls, rivers, and through the mountains are in many ways connected with Costa Rica. Introduced during the 1970s, zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. Composed of steel cables and platforms strung at various heights between trees, they offer travelers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. Zip-lines undoubtedly boost the adrenalin of each and every participant; also educate their riders on ecology, botany, and reforestation practices. 

Lands in Love

The canopy is a network of cables, towers and suspended platforms through the treetops of the cloud forest.
The tour starts at the highest point of a 500 acres cloud forest resort; the guides will gird you with top safety harness and the best climbing gear available.
After a short safety briefing, you will walk to the starting point, glide and enjoy the view of the hidden cloud forest valley.

Two hanging bridges, three short jungle trails and ten cables for a total of a 1045m connecting to giant trees platforms will lead you through the tree top view on a cloud forest, giving you the opportunity to witness the complexity and the harmony of the jungle bio diversity. Birds, monkeys, sloths and other small jungle animals might be your companions. The thrill of the “Tarzan Swing” will accomplish this experience.

The adventure cables are located outside the forest giving a large panoramic view of the hole area. 6 twin cables to share the experience with your partner for the glide and one more, 750 meters long steel towers, 8 hanging bridge (60m high), high velocity ride full of adrenaline.

The tour also offer the surprising thrill of the tarzan swing a total of 3km long ride, 200m above 
a picturesque hidden valley. 

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La Carpintera Adventure

Timetable: EVERY DAY 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Just 20 minutes from the city of San Jose , enjoy the majesty of the rainforest in the hills of the Carpenter , gliding between trees in the canopy tour . One of the most exciting adventures in the forest . During the tour of the forest reserve you will see the large metropolitan area their feet and lush forest life . Likewise you can enjoy the view of the Poas , Irazu and Barva volcanoes  and Cerro de las Tres Marias.

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Sky Mountain Canopy

Enjoy three hours of adrenaline through 6 zip lines and 10 platforms, that will allow you to conect with the beautiful nature in our country. Also amazing views, that we share with our forest friends: sloths, tucans, iguanas, butterflies and more.

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Canopy Mal Pais

The Mal Pais Canopy Tour is based in the quiet village of Malpais, on a farm with more than 200 different tree species, at the entrance of the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve.

The whole area is surrounded by rich tropical forest and diverse wildlife as well as many birds. Come and journey through the treetops, enjoying the tropical forest while the Pacific Ocean lies below you.

The exciting canopy ride is nearly a mile long and has 11 platforms set high in the gigantic trees. Steel cables connect the platforms which are between 5 and 30 meters in height. You will not forget the experience of flying along our 300 meters long shot over a canyon between the second and the third platform, or the incredible 500 meters long ride through the jungle along a creek.

This Canopy Tour in Costa Rica have professional nature guides that will accompany you on the unforgettable journey through the biodiversity of the environment.
They will introduce you to the fascinating secrets of the forest.Following the strictest safety norms, you will enjoy thrilling views of the Pacific Ocean and of the forest from many different perspectives.  

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Pura Aventura

Pura Aventura's Canopy consists of 11 cables, a swinging bridge and a rappel, all designed to give you an exhilarating experience while safely soaring through the forest.

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Vista Arenal

Take a journey through the heart of a real Tropical Rain Forest full of wildlife. Travel through a canopy of trees on our amazing cables that are the fastest and safest in the area, with cables lines from 200 meters up to 845 meters.

We offer the best safety equipment with the highest quality standards in the world. We guarantee a completely unique experience with our team of highly qualified professional guides so you can enjoy an unforgettable tour in complete safety with total confidents.  

Enter a world full of plants and animals in the surrounding hills, plains, rivers, canons and the majestic  Arenal Volcano…(Red and green tree frogs, the national plant of Costa Rica the Guaria Morada, Toucans, Monkeys, Butterflies and many more).

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Titi Canopy

  • Perfect Safety Record
  • Fun, professional guides
  •  10 zip line cables
  • Rappel & Tarzan Swing
  • Tree top suspension bridges
  •  Abundant Wildlife including monkeys, sloths, poison dart frogs, and much more!
  •  4 tour times daily including a unique and exciting night zip-line tour!
  •  Only canopy tour located minutes from Manuel Antonio and Quepos
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Canopy Safari

Now featuring: 18 platforms,10 zip lines, 2 rappel lines, 1 suspension bridge,1 "Tarzan swing", restaurant, butterfly farm, serpentarium and fishing pond!!!

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Monkey Jugle Canopy

The seven cables with special characteristics like: the largest, the fastest, that allows you to go upside down just like the professionals, in the end there are seven different ways to enjoy with lots of adrenaline in each cable.  From the platforms its even possible to see the ocean, the neighboring mountains, local vegetation and many animals, especially the congo monkeys, which is where we got our name…

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