Costa Rica is known for its beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, great fishing, diverse National Parks and wildlife, Coffee, Oxcart,  paradise for diving fanatics, festivals throughout the year, and friendly people. 



In Costa Rica there are three main rivers use for rafting Pacuare, Pejiballe, and Chirripó. In these rivers the rapids are mostly class III and IV. These three rivers are considered some of the most beautiful rivers in Costa Rica. Worldwide they are the best whitewater rafting rivers due to the scenic beauty, waterfalls, hiking trails and diversity of flora and fauna, like blue morpho butterflies, beautiful poison dart frogs, sloths, toucans, and great variety of birds.



Camping in Costa Rica in a tropical cloud forest or beside the ocean waves is a great way to travel. Around National Parks, rainforest, some rivers and a few private campsites, is the perfect experience of camping. As space is often limited, reservations are recommended at both national parks and private campsites.


Rock Climbing

Costa Rica is one of the world's young’s climbing Countries. Climbing was introduced to Costa Rica about 15 years ago and is growing every day. Climbers in Costa Rica can enjoy the multiple gyms and the outdoor areas that are being discovered every day. Costa Rica has a variety of challenges for climbers to seek out. Costa Rica is not just a climber's playground, its gym and natural walls and crags are an integral part of a larger ecosystem, protected as Wilderness, which was set aside for people to enjoy in a natural state for generations to come.

Scuba Diving

The fascinating biodiversity of Costa Rica does not stop at its shoreline. Scuba diving in Costa Rica will take you to the aquatic world beneath its coastal waters. Wedged between two vast oceans, Costa Rica is a top scuba diving destination, along both coasts, where crystal clear waters are home to a variety of marine life. There are assortments of exhilarating places to explore ship wreck, fish, sharks and sting rays, to name a few.


Bird watching 

Costa Rica is one of the favorite countries for birders and photographers. Costa Rica has a variety of beautiful lodges, which come with a diversity of birds. Costa Rica has the highest percentage of protected land area of any country in the world.

Zip-Line/ Canopy Tours

Costa Rica zip-lines also known as Canopy Tours are one of the most popular adventure activities. A zip-line above the canopy, waterfalls, rivers, and through the mountains are in many ways connected with Costa Rica. Introduced during the 1970s, zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. Composed of steel cables and platforms strung at various heights between trees, they offer travelers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. Zip-lines undoubtedly boost the adrenalin of each and every participant; also educate their riders on ecology, botany, and reforestation practices. 

Bike Riding in Costa Rica

Discovering Costa Rica on two wheels is a much more personal and sensory experience that seeing the country from inside a vehicle. Bike Riding in Costa Rica is fun! Costa Rica is a small, safe, and very friendly Country.  Information on where to bike ride is accessible through biking tour companies.

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical central American country it’s routes feature active volcanoes, high mountain passes, lush tropical forests, waterfalls, river crossings and a lot of fun activities. Costa Rica also has a wide variety biodiversity such as primates, hundreds species of birds, several species of wildcats, alligators, and crocodiles.


Dolphin & Whale Tours

Eco-tourists and wildlife enthusiasts will be blown away in Costa Rica’s exciting whale and dolphin watching encounter tours. Some of Costa Rica’s coastal National Parks are home to one of the most biologically diverse marine habitats.  From observing large pods of Humpback Whale, bottle nose, spotted, common, or spinner dolphins performing acrobatics to witnessing a humpback whale teach its baby to breach, these tours are for everyone.   



Paragliding in Costa Rica is beautiful, adventurous, and warm. The friendly people are always welcoming. Costa Rica provides flying with experience level paraglider over the sea or thought the mountains. Most sites are P-2 friendly depending on wind conditions and wealth, with plenty of fun and challenges for experienced pilots.



Enjoy kayaking in a natural environment on lakes, marsh, bays and in open sea along the beautiful coast of Costa Rica fill with tropical bird species. The excursion provides the opportunity for people to see places that you cannot go by foot and see natural habitat that people rarely see. Traveling through the jungle in a kayak will be an experience you will never forget.


Costa Rica with its hundreds of beaches along it’s coast, surfers have long came to Costa Rica seeking out it’s waves and breaks. Many of Costa Rica’s more popular beaches have been surfing destinations for decades. With some of the best surf it the world, it’s hard to mention every dream break in this beautiful country. Some of the best surf Beaches are listed below.



Costa Rica has a wide variety of places with yoga retreats. Considering Costa Rica’s pura vida lifestyle yoga is spreading thoughout the country.  It is not a huge surprise that people are increasingly showing up to purify their minds and bodies. Alongside regular tourism, the holistic tourism sector has developed rapidly in the last Decade, and yoga retreats have sprung up along the coasts and throughout the mountains. Groups come throughout the year to deepen their practices, and they’ve got quite a few options for their yoga experience. The best yoga retreats are in Costa Rica's nature beauty, bringing people closer to the Earth and themselves. They serve healthy local food and often provide three meals a day, along with opportunities to get out and see a bit of the beauty of Costa Rica. 



Costa Rica has some of the world’s best Sport Fishing. On the Pacific side you can find fish like Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and more. The Caribbean side and Northern regions of Costa Rica are popular for big Tarpon and big Snook. Costa Rica requires that all anglers purchase and carry a valid Costa Rica fishing license. In some cases, these are included in the overall trip price.



Costa Rica with more land area protected than any other country by national parks, wildlife refuges, and preserves, reveals a variety of hiking trails. Hike through rainforests, amble along beaches, and up through beautiful mountains, Costa Rica is a great hiking destination. Guided hikes are one of the best ways to explore the outdoors and see the beauty of this country.



Costa Rica has many tubing companies, tubing is an activity where you use a large tube to float down a river or creek, using both the natural rapids and your own power. Tubing is different from white water rafting in that each individual is in their own tube, instead of everyone being grouped into one raft. You don't use a paddle when tubing, but instead steer using the side handles, and by using your own hands to paddle and push through the water. Tubing is a nice balance of relaxation and excitement, with some moments of smooth cruising, and fun rides.