Discovering Costa Rica on two wheels is a much more personal and sensory experience that seeing the country from inside a vehicle. Bike Riding in Costa Rica is fun! Costa Rica is a small, safe, and very friendly Country.  Information on where to bike ride is accessible through biking tour companies.

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical central American country it’s routes feature active volcanoes, high mountain passes, lush tropical forests, waterfalls, river crossings and a lot of fun activities. Costa Rica also has a wide variety biodiversity such as primates, hundreds species of birds, several species of wildcats, alligators, and crocodiles.

Rios Tropicales

Pedaling through secondary rainforest on natural paths gives you plenty of time to absorb the scenery. You determine how fast you go and where and when you stop to admire the views and wildlife.

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The Bike Park at Rio Perdido

Rio Perdido permanently evolving MTB circuit attracts riders from far and abroad. Professionals have come for the day and opted for a second day's bout at the eclectic circuit, which offers solid rock segments, sand, raw earth…bridges, ramps, banks, and even a few downhills in the advanced circuit. Riders can opt for different routes, ranging in distance from 8km to over 20km, without having to repeat singletrack segments. Unlike most activities at Rio Perdido, the Bike Park is designed for a focused rider and is not recommended for beginners. Those visiting the BPRP for the first time may want to consider riding with one of our guides.

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