Costa Rica has a wide variety of places with yoga retreats. Considering Costa Rica’s pura vida lifestyle yoga is spreading thoughout the country.  It is not a huge surprise that people are increasingly showing up to purify their minds and bodies. Alongside regular tourism, the holistic tourism sector has developed rapidly in the last Decade, and yoga retreats have sprung up along the coasts and throughout the mountains. Groups come throughout the year to deepen their practices, and they’ve got quite a few options for their yoga experience. The best yoga retreats are in Costa Rica's nature beauty, bringing people closer to the Earth and themselves. They serve healthy local food and often provide three meals a day, along with opportunities to get out and see a bit of the beauty of Costa Rica. 

Del Mar Surf Camp

Yoga classes are held daily and are an excellent complement to our program. Our yoga instructors will adapt each class to the level of the students with the objective of improving your surfing skills. It is a challenging, dynamic class to help.

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Ama Tierra

AmaTierra has one of the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica with its inspiring views from the magnificent open-air studio. Come for a few days of relaxation in paradise and enjoy rejuvenating holistic health services and massage and spa treatments directed by registered herbalist (AHG) Jill Ruttenberg.

Or you can attend Special Yoga retreats and other self-improvement workshops offered at AmaTierra will enrich your vacation experience and inspire profound transformation in your whole Being.

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Pura Vida Retreat and Spa

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa is considered by some as the Wellness & Yoga destination of choice outside the United States. We offer you a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit in an oasis of beauty, tranquility and home like intimacy. Pamper your body and soul while exploring the delights of Costa Rica, a country which is renowned for its beauty.

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