Paragliding in Costa Rica is beautiful, adventurous, and warm. The friendly people are always welcoming. Costa Rica provides flying with experience level paraglider over the sea or thought the mountains. Most sites are P-2 friendly depending on wind conditions and wealth, with plenty of fun and challenges for experienced pilots.

Parapente Costa Rica

The services that Parapente Costa Rica provides are flying tours for paragliding pilots or tandem paraglider. If you feel like flying in Costa Rica and want to do it the right way with the locals, we are your best bet. We offer a place to stay, flights, tours, scenic views, safety and adventure. 

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Parapente Turrialba

With Paragliding Turrialba you can enjoy, along with a qualified instructor, a wonderful landscape towards the valley of Turrialba and Irazu Volcano and the Caribbean Sea on a clear day. We have the best equipment and high standards of flight safety; there tours are guided with an experienced instructor.

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