Costa Rica has many tubing companies, tubing is an activity where you use a large tube to float down a river or creek, using both the natural rapids and your own power. Tubing is different from white water rafting in that each individual is in their own tube, instead of everyone being grouped into one raft. You don't use a paddle when tubing, but instead steer using the side handles, and by using your own hands to paddle and push through the water. Tubing is a nice balance of relaxation and excitement, with some moments of smooth cruising, and fun rides. 

Río Perdido Tubing Adventure

Absorb the feel of the canyon from the most beloved means of river transportation, the inner-tube. At Rio Perdido, we employ modern equipment to safely take you through a magical place.

There are parts of the canyon where the rock walls narrow and daylight is scarce. Echoes grow louder and you really get a sense of where you are. But if you remain quiet for a bit, you will find that you are not alone. All kinds of birds and monkeys…and, occasionally, some larger mammals will announce their presence. Look for the hot water spouts along the eastern rock walls. White Water Tubing at Rio Perdido is awesome.

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