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Combine the adventure of travel with a volunteering experience. This program is designed to help global communities. Las Olas Travel offers an experience where the travelers have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a volunteer program while exploring a new culture.

Costa Rican Projects


Volunteers will be teaching basic English skills to elementary students. English as a second language is an important skill set to have for both young and old, to be marketable for jobs that can help community members support their families.


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Our Animal Rehabilitation project works with many protected species and gives our volunteers a hands-on experience working in wildlife conservation. From swaddling sloths, to working with red eyed tree frogs, this project is perfect for all kinds of animal enthusiasts. 



Reforestation is much more than planting trees. A healthy forest requires the commitment of the landowners, the local community, and the municipal and central governmental authorities. Our Reforestation project in Costa Rica allows our volunteers to work in the field of reforestation.


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