Home Stay

Our Spanish schools home stay program is a vital part of their Total-Immersion method of teaching.  The cultural interaction, communication, and the student’s well-being while attending our institute are the prime focus of this program.  If a host family is accepted by one of the schools, after completing a comprehensive application, interview and home inspection by one of the co-owners, the family attends a seminar outlined below.


General objectives:

1.    To present the program and the specific point of view of the school.

2.    To establish the priorities of the school in relation with the home stay program.

3.    To delimit spheres of actions between the student and the family.

4.    to channel possible uneasiness and listen to suggestions for resolution of possible problems.

5.    To try to join two different cultures.

6.    To promote a relation of confidence between the family and the Institute in order to efficiently resolve any misunderstandings.

If you have any specific requirements or preferences of your host Costa Rican family, just advise us on your application. If you are vegetarian, or prefer a family with children, or smoking bothers you, or would prefer to be with a more mature family, let us know and we will make every effort to see that you are matched with the perfect family.

What can I expect at my home stay?

FAMILIES: Participating families are chosen for their friendliness and helpfulness towards the students. Although families receive a fee and are supposed to provide what has been agreed upon, they do enjoy having a foreign student as their guest. Take this into account and contribute towards a friendly, flexible relationship.

COST OF HOME STAY: This cost covers payments to the family as well as a placement fee, administrative expenses and fees or discounts to participating agencies and universities.

MEALS: Your family will provide you with breakfast and dinner. Lunch is not included. 

ROOM KEEPING: Your family will keep your room and bathroom you use clean. However, do keep your room tidy.

VALUABLES: Although the School screens host families carefully, it is impossible to monitor each one on a daily basis. Due to the large number of families and students involved, the School cannot be responsible for lost or missing items. It is better not to leave cash in your room while you are away, as various people who are not part of the family (maids, repairmen, gardeners, etc.) might come into the house. If you notice you are missing something, please do inform the School at once.

LAUNDRY SERVICE: Your family will provide laundry service and will change your bed clothes weekly.

HOT WATER: Homes in Costa Rica, due to the mild climate, usually have hot water in the shower but not in the lavatory. Often, an electric device is used for this purpose, so do not expect a huge volume of water as is customary at home.

KEYS: Your family will provide you with a front door key. This means you should feel free to come and go as you please.

TELEPHONE: Please notice that all local calls in Costa Rica are time charged, including those within San José. Take this into account and be considerate when using your family’s telephone.

GUESTS: It is convenient as a courtesy to inform your family of any visitors you might have. No night or overnight visitors, please!

COMMUNICATIONS: Sometimes problems arise due to lack of communication. Please make sure to express your needs to the family. This could be regards to type or quantity of food, lighting in your room, availability of a TV set in the living room, etc. If you feel your needs are not being satisfied or you are not pleased with your home stay, please talk to the coordinator at the School.

CHANGES IN LENGTH OF STAY: If you wish to stay with your family for a longer period of time after the course finishes, please make the necessary arrangements at the School. Students cannot make direct arrangements with or payments to the families.

A GIFT: A small gift like a bottle of wine, chocolates, or ice cream, to share once at dinner time would be a nice gesture towards your family.

HOME ADDRESS: The School will provide the address and telephone number of the host family 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Students who do not want to go directly to their family can make arrangements to stay in a hotel the first day, go to school on Monday, and your family will meet you there and take you home after the first day of school.

AIRPORT PICKUPS: our transportation will meet you at the airport to take you directly to your home stay. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you keep us informed of any changes to your flight schedule so that our airport pickup service can meet you at the airport. They will have a sign with your name and the name of the school.

HOTEL/TOURS: We will provide you with information about tours and vacation packages to various places of interest in Costa Rica. We will gladly assist you with your reservations.