Easy Steps- basic information

Fill out our application.  If you don’t have your flight information yet, no problem, just keep us informed when you get it.  In the “Family Preferences” section of the application make sure you fill in your requirements, such as no smoking, no pets, allergies, socially active, etc.   Once we receive your application, you will automatically be registered for your class.  If a group is arriving with a faculty member, all applications should be sent together.

Approximately 1 week prior to your class start date, we will send your host family information and other cultural tips to help you get ready for your trip.

Hopefully by now, you will have provided us with your flight information, if it was not included in your application.  You may do this via e-mail.  Expect to be picked up at the airport upon arrival.  Our airport pickup service will be standing outside the airport exit holding a sign saying “the name of the school”.  You will be taken directly to your host Costa Rican family who will be expecting you.  Home stay runs from Sunday through Saturday, so try to arrive on a Sunday and depart on the Saturday following your last class.  If you arrive early, or depart late, it will be an extra charge that depends on the school.

Your host family will give you directions to school or take you there personally.  All home stays are within walking distance of the school and have been inspected by one of the owner of the institute to assure compliance with our high standards.

Monday, the first day of class, arrive a little before the classes start.  You should pay the balance of your fee at this time.  Please pay by Cash or Credit card. We do not accept personal checks. You will be given an orientation and then a brief verbal exam by the Education Administrator to determine your level.  You will be assigned to your class and given your work and textbooks for class. Usually there are no more than 6 students per class.

The standard language course is from 8:15 am until 12:00 PM with breaks.  

After class you are free to go on excursions (many available), strike out on your own, return to your home stay, or stay around the school to study or visit with other students.

Many students participate in weekend excursions or trips arranged by Use.   The weekend tours are optional, they are some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica.  Usually the places we visit are selected by consensus of the students.  During the high season there will be several tours taking place on the same weekend, so you’ll definitely have your choice as to where you’d like to go.  The rates are very reasonable.

Your last day of class, you will be given your certificate of completion and/or transcripts. If your host institution requires testing, it will be administered this day.

The school offers internet access and Wi-Fi.